StarStar Me

Props to Sprint on innovating. This is a cool idea, though I’m not sure it will take off. I don’t usually have the problem of having to memorize a phone number. Especially with FaceBook integration in iOS and OSX now — I can’t tell you the last time I had to look up a phone number.

Laser Pointer

I’m no astronomer, but I believe it’s also possible that the moon ends up being recaptured by Earth’s gravitational pull. Probably unlikely though.

Speaking for Yourself

As always, Merlin’s advice can be generalized to many different jobs. Whether you’re a freelance photographer, graphic designer, writer, speaker, etc., I think lots of people have a problem knowing their “price”.

As Merlin says:

This part sucks and is nearly impossible to get any good at for a year or five, but it’s something you simply must tackle with increasingly less fear and hesitation.