Pandora and Artist Payments

Basically, Pandora is paying out a huge amount of money to artists you’ve never even heard of. Meanwhile, Spotify is [losing money like crazy]( I don’t know any details about how Spotify works, but I’m guessing they pay a lot more in license fees per customer than Pandora does because of the ability to play any song at any time — even on free accounts. I’ve always wondered how their ads could possibly cover that.

StarStar Me

Props to Sprint on innovating. This is a cool idea, though I’m not sure it will take off. I don’t usually have the problem of having to memorize a phone number. Especially with FaceBook integration in iOS and OSX now — I can’t tell you the last time I had to look up a phone number.

Laser Pointer

I’m no astronomer, but I believe it’s also possible that the moon ends up being recaptured by Earth’s gravitational pull. Probably unlikely though.