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ALMS at Road America, 2013

Why I like DST

Dr. Drang wrote about daylight savings time and why people who say it’s bad are wrong.

I too like daylight savings time. Or, basically anything that allows me to see more sun during the day. After dealing with sunsets at 4:30 – 5pm all winter, I’m ready for longer days again. And not the kind of longer days that start at 3:45am.

Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months

With no instruction, kids in Ethiopia who had never seen written words managed to hack Android in 5 months. It’s cool to see news like this once in a while to remind us what an awesome project OLPC is.

The Official James Bond site is on WordPress

This is awesome. I mean, it’s James Bond!

Pandora and Artist Payments

Basically, Pandora is paying out a huge amount of money to artists you’ve never even heard of. Meanwhile, Spotify is [losing money like crazy]( I don’t know any details about how Spotify works, but I’m guessing they pay a lot more in license fees per customer than Pandora does because of the ability to play any song at any time — even on free accounts. I’ve always wondered how their ads could possibly cover that.