AI’s depiction of my dog in a fancy old style military uniform. We have a picture like this in our house that we bought a few years ago, except that it looks a bit more like our dog.

If you’re a software engineer, you should check out How Git Works by Julia Evans. I purchased it last week, but only paged through so far. And then I was looking at a Mastodon thread and Julia blew my mind with git log -S: find every commit that added or removed some text. Of course it’s in the book. Check it out!

RSS blogrolls are a federated social network:

As a starting place I manually identified twenty websites with OPML blogrolls. From these I can follow links to find 150 distinct websites. Several of the links go to YouTube pages, reminding us that RSS isn’t just for blogs.

The network is up to 1700 feeds. It’s already becoming obvious that there needs to be a way to search all of these feeds. It’s hard to find what you’re looking for in such a long list.