I was orginally going to call this GPL: My 2 Cents.

As a web designer, I can create free themes and put them out in the wordpress theme directory for anyone to download. If I’m a good designer it will become popular and lots of people will download my theme. If I’m a bad designer, well, you know what happens.

I think that right there speaks for itself — it’s this idea that the cream rises to the top. We’ve been hearing this a lot lately.

Obviously I’m not going to make it as a web designer if I can’t find a way to monetize my business.  I’m not worried about the “hobby bloggers” that are using themes from the theme directory. I’m just putting that stuff out there to get noticed, to get attention, to get my name out there, to give back to the community. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great themes in the directory — I used a few of them when I was starting out. My targets as a designer though, are the businesses, politicians, or even individuals that want custom themes. They like Mystique, or P2, or Pixel, but they don’t want their site to look like anything else out there.

The serious bloggers that are those business and such need custom designs. There’s so much power in WordPress, it’s amazingly customizable and I believe it really can be the right CMS for any occasion if the theme developer is good. But it’s going to take a good theme developer to get the full potential out of it.

The people that are serious about their blogs don’t need a “cookie cutter” design. And at the end of the day, that’s all thesis really is, isn’t it?

Matt or Mark, someone correct me if this is totally crazy or just plain wrong.