So, as many people know, I started development on a plugin called FancyFlickr a little over a year ago. Development went well at first at first, but it started to get slow and my lack of programming skills started to show. I originally got the idea for the plugin from a video Chris Coyier did on his CSS-Tricks blog. The main idea of the original is powered by a bunch of cool CSS3 and a bit of jQuery. This all works quite well, but when I started trying to add features it turned into a bit of a mess. The plugin currently functions and works in pretty much every environment that I’ve tried. There are some server requirements, like cURL, but if these are met it works fine.

I’ve known for a while that the plugin needs help. At first a few people wrote me asking for help sorting out problems that had to do with loading the images from Flickr. Recently, it really hit me when I noticed that Fred, from stopped using the plugin in favor of something that loads quicker.

The first thing that I want to do is make it more efficient, as it currently slows page loads significantly. I’ve also got some big dreams for the future of the plugin involving “WordPress gallery” style photo pages for individual photos and galleries. Basically, the WordPress gallery, but powered by Flickr.

The Problem

I need help. I can’t do all this on my own. Nor do I trust my knowledge of PHP to write truly efficient code. I’m looking for someone to help me in this. I’ve already contacted Joe Tan — he’s got the closest thing to what I’m trying to bring to FancyFlickr. I haven’t heard back from him though, so if there are any other PHP developers that would like to help I’d be thrilled.

If you know anyone, point them my way or let me know and I’ll ask them for help.