Our dog, Frank, is two years old today. According to Embark, Frank is a Lab, Catahoula, Fox Hound, Great Pyrenees, Boxer, Supermutt. We tell everyone he is a Lab-Catahoula because he is mostly a Lab, but looks and acts like a Catahoula Leopard Dog.

We adopted Frank in March of 2020 through Fetch Wisconsin Rescue when he was almost four months old. He weighed 25 pounds at the time. We don’t know very much about his first few months except that he was born in Louisiana and came to Wisconsin just under two week before we met him. (Now he’s 75 pounds and I try not to pick him up as much.)

His favorite things are going on adventures, being chased by other dog friends, and trying to steal sips of coffee.

We got Frank at the perfect time. Shortly after we adopted him, the rescue had to stop taking new applications because apparently everyone had the same idea back then. He’s been a great pandemic companion.