I decided it was time to fix some stuff that’s been bugging me for awhile today and check some stuff off the list. So here’s some of the stuff I checked off:

  • Added a plugin to support mobile devices (iphone, ipod touch, g1, etc.)
  • Got an actual twitter badge instead of using the RSS feed. It doesn’t work in safari though. Hopefully it’s just Safari 4 Beta.
  • Cleaned up the blogroll. Sorry if I got rid of your name. The list was getting too long.
  • Organized the tags on the archives page by size
  • Added an about section to the sidebar on joshbetz.net and updated the About page on that site

That’s about all. There were a few things that were even smaller.

Update: One more thing worth mentioning was the contact page. I put a new email address on the contact page for another way to get in touch with me.

Update 2: I also added a plugin that looks for tweets with links to the site and puts them in the comments. I had to add my name to the black list on that one because it was getting the tinyurl links from the automatic tweets I have on a new post.