Well, I added the Seesmic plugin for WordPress so people can record comments with Seesmic. We’ll see how that goes. I think we’re all going to be using video in the future, so why not get started right now? I tried to record a video for this post, but I guess you need to pay for Jing Pro to be able to save a screencast in mp4. The only option with the free version is .swf and I don’t know how to convert .swf to anything else, so I guess I’m stuck. I tried to find visualhub, but I didn’t have a Mac when they decided to cancel it 6 months ago. I was going to use my camera on a tripod, but the batteries were dead. I got the first part recorded in PhotoBooth, but it wont make very much sense if I just put that up.

If anybody knows of any free screen capture software that will let me use some kind of real movie format let me know. I’m going to remove Jing right away. What a waste of my time.