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Addicted to Flickr

When I started working on FancyFlickr recently, I needed a PHP class to handle the flickr API. I quickly found that I didn’t like many of the classes that I found, for various reasons. I got lucky when I found Addicted to Flickr. The only problem with this one, was that he wrote the class over four years ago and there was some stuff that was quite outdated. The original URLs that it created were broken, which was the biggest problem for me. I rewrote it a little bit, at least so that part works now. So I’m putting it back out there for people to download if they want.

If you run into any problems let me know. If you rewrite any other parts of it, or write a new version, let me know. I’d love to have it for the fancyflickr plugin and to be able to link to it here.

Note: This is not FancyFlickr.



So when I made this new theme for my website, I knew that I wanted to incorporate flickr photos on site site instead of using the built in WordPress gallery. There is just so much that I love about Flickr, not to mention the photos are much safer there than they are on my webserver.

It was a happy coincidence that Chris Coyier did this video on CSS-Tricks shortly after I finished the theme. I absolutely love how this gallery looked and knew right away that I would model my plugin after it.

I’ve just submitted this to the WordPress plugin directory, so I’ll wait until that gets accepted to put up a download link. If, for some reason, they deny the request, I’ll put up a download link here. If you want to check it out before that, drop me a line and I’ll send it over to you.


Makebelieve Help, Old Butchers, and Figuring Out Who You Are (For Now)

A great video that Merlin Mann did on 43 Folders, talking about procrastination. I thought everyone should see it. (more…)

It’s Snowing!

No, I know it’s not really snowing yet. Well, at least not in Madison. It is snowing on though. And we have Christmas lights. I’ve been holding off on this for as long as possible, but I broke down and enabled the “Let it Snow!” plugin and went and found a script to put some christmas lights on the site. Unfortunately, the javascript running the lights interferes with the jquery for the Portfolio carousel on the homepage, so I had to disable the lights there, but they’re on all the other pages and the snow works everywhere.

Also: The MacLampsX app is activated on my macbook to give a similar feel to the desktop.

Microsoft Browser

Here’s the browser Microsoft needs:

The first time your computer is on the internet, “Microsoft Browser” opens up with 3 tabs: Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Those are the only 3 websites that will work, and that is the only time that “Microsoft Browser” will ever work.

If you decide to forego installing a browser at that time, you lose. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200, and don’t use the internet.

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