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Marco Rogers: Companies that want to reduce the cost of their frontend tech becoming obsoleted so often should be looking to get back to fundamentals. Your teams should be working closer to the web platform with a lot less complex abstractions. We need to relearn what the web is capable of and go back to […] #
Dynamically Resize and Optimize WordPress Images with imgproxy
NASA’s image of the day is a gold mine for new wallpapers. #
AI’s depiction of my dog in a fancy old style military uniform. We have a picture like this in our house that we bought a few years ago, except that it looks a bit more like our dog. #
Butterfly in the Sky
How We Do Architecture at Okta
If you’re a software engineer, you should check out How Git Works by Julia Evans. I purchased it last week, but only paged through so far. And then I was looking at a Mastodon thread and Julia blew my mind with git log -S: find every commit that added or removed some text. Of course […] #
RSS blogrolls are a federated social network: As a starting place I manually identified twenty websites with OPML blogrolls. From these I can follow links to find 150 distinct websites. Several of the links go to YouTube pages, reminding us that RSS isn’t just for blogs. The network is up to 1700 feeds. It’s already […] #
Simon Willison on link blogs: Link blogging is a pleasantly low-pressure way of writing online. Found something interesting? Post a link to it, with a sentence or two about why it’s worth checking out. People have commented on links they found on social media for many years. For some reason the big white canvas of […] #
Summer in Madison
I made some changes to the theme here for the first time since adding support for dark mode about 18 months ago. I like documenting it because it’s fun to see how the design and layout change over time. Previously: #
Dog Park Saturday Mornings
My first concert “after” the Pandemic was Andrew McMahon and Zac Clark in October 2021. I remember being thrilled about doing something that felt normal again. Zac Clark has collaborated with McMahon on various tours and musical projects. His music often features introspective lyrics and melodic compositions, reflecting his influences from rock, folk, and pop […] #
Apple Music is publishing their “definitive” list of the 100 best albums ever made. They’re posting 10 per day through May 22. #
We just take for granted that Open Source software is secure because people can review the source code. Unfortunately people very often don’t review the source code. This is how under-appreciated and under-funded maintainers end up being susceptible to bullying. #
Write Dumb Code
Default Apps 2023