WordPress used to have link management built into core. All the code is technically still there, but it’s been disabled by default for many years. You can re-enable it with the Link Manager plugin, which is where the code will theoretically move eventually. Included along with this link management code is an OPML generator.

I was recently reading about how micro.blog has a blogroll feature that exposes the OPML at a .well-known path. Dave Winer has also been writing about blogroll discovery.

Blogrolls obviously aren’t new, but coming back to this idea seems important. Improving discovery for the distributed/social web seems important.

I wrote a quick WordPress plugin, to complement the Link Manager plugin, that adopts some of these new ideas. Namely:

  • Exposes the blogroll at /.well-known/recommendations.opml
  • Adds a link element with rel="blogroll" to the <head> section
  • Adds a source:blogroll to your RSS feed