Almost a year ago now, I started a Docker image for WordPress so I could guarantee there would be new builds available immediately after new WordPress releases.

Since I was working on an image anyway, I decided to build in support for Memcached. Object cache plugins like Memcached Object Cache are pretty common on high traffic WordPress sites.

I also set up wp-config.php to load some of the configuration options from environment variables. To make the image a little more extensible, I also have it automatically loading PHP files in the /var/www/html/wp-config directory. You can mount a volume with all your extra config files in the container to automatically load them.

After the initial setup, maintenance was super easy. Docker Hub automatically builds every time I push to GitHub. I’ve also got a script that checks for new WordPress and WP-CLI releases and automatically pushes updates to GitHub.

There are currently PHP 7.3 builds for WordPress core (PHP-FPM) and WP-CLI available.