I’ll be at WordCamp Milwaukee this year talking about some of the things I do to ease the process of developing WordPress plugins and themes. Computers are really good at following instructions and carrying out repetitive tasks, so we should use that to our advantage and automate away the “setup”, which will allow us to focus on the task at hand ‚ÄĒ creating the next hit plugin or theme.

I’ve been to WordCamps in the past and it’s always a good chance to meet other people who use and develop for WordPress on a daily basis. So whether you’re a developer that’s been using it for years or someone who is just thinking about starting your first WordPress blog, WordCamp Milwaukee will have something for everyone. As you may know, the WordPress community is filled with people that want to help and this is your opportunity to talk to them face to face.

If you decide to go, you can use the coupon code “betz” to save $5 at checkout.