I’ve talked about it before: I like running my own web server. WordPress.com is awesome (seriously, go sign up for a blog), but I’m a nerd and I like configuring nginx and Apache and deploying with git. Lots of other people do too. It’s why Jetpack exists in the first place.

There have always been a few things about WordPress.com that I’ve been jelous of. That list got smaller this week with the release of Jetpack comments though. I’ve been searching for the right comment solution for a long time. WordPress comments are cool because you can style them with the rest of your site — I always saw the comment form as a barrier though. So I tried things like intensedebate and disqus — those things are cool because they make the process of submitting a comment and identifying yourself with a site you’re already logged in to very simple. The problem with disqus and intensedebate is that they’re not all that customizeable. But Jetpack comments fixes this.

Jetpack comments replaces the standard WordPress comment form with one similar to what you see on WordPress.com blogs. You can identify with WordPress.com, Twitter, or Facebook. Comments are submitted to your site just like they are with the normal comment form. I’ve already switched from disqus here.

One thing to note, your site must use the comment_form() function to generate the form. Some themes create the comment form manually which doesn’t give the plugin anything to hook into.

Now I just need to work on the comment styling here 🙂