I’ve wanted to start learning MVC for quite some time now and have decided to learn Laravel at the same time. I already have experience with MVC on a few projects, but I’m still at the point where any practice helps.

This is a forum post on the Laravel site that lists some awesome tutorials on using Laravel. I’ve never used a PHP framework, but Laravel is awesome. I’ve read through the first few posts listed there and am really liking it so far.

As a somewhat obscure side note, this is what I wanted to build when I realized I wouldn’t finish Dsgn365 last summer. For an intro project I’m building to teach myself how to use Laravel, I added the Laravel Github repo as a remote and did a fetch to get the latest copy. Then I pushed to my own repo. Now I can build on top of the latest build of Laravel and when he releases a new version, I can rebase and keep everything up-to-date.