Awhile back I wrote that I was having issues with Blogroll Links Favicons plugin for WordPress. I came up with some code that better displayed the favicons and fixed my issue. I wrote the author and he agreed that this code made more sense. I hadn’t thought about it, but recently I checked to see if the updated code had been put into the plugin and it hadn’t.

Just yesterday I emailed John about getting added as a contributor to the plugin, as he’s recently switched his personal site over to Posterous. He agreed to add me and I put my code in right away.

In the future I’m also going to be looking for ways of optimizing the plugin even more than it already is. I have quite a few links on any given page of my site that use this plugin, especially the about page. It’s getting to the point that having to retrieve all these thumbnails slows down my site, so I’m going to look into making this as fast as possible.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions or suggestions.