There have been a few people that have already let me know that FancyFlickr doesn’t work with hidden/private photos. Unfortunately the class that I’m using to power the plugin doesn’t have any way to authenticate. This isn’t a huge problem, as I’ve found other classes that do authenticate. The only problem is that the only one that I’ve found and like so far requires PHP5 and PEAR. Here I’d like to ask what the users of the plugin think. Should I continue on the current path — without authentication, or should I switch to a new class with these strict requirements. I’m have no idea how many shared hosting companies support PEAR, but it should be hard to find out if your hosting company does. I’d also like to hear from other developers to get their take on which route to take.

Should FancyFlickr support authentication to flickr?(poll)

If you have more to say than just “yes” or “no”, let me know in the comments.