So when I made this new theme for my website, I knew that I wanted to incorporate flickr photos on site site instead of using the built in WordPress gallery. There is just so much that I love about Flickr, not to mention the photos are much safer there than they are on my webserver.

It was a happy coincidence that Chris Coyier did this video on CSS-Tricks shortly after I finished the theme. I absolutely love how this gallery looked and knew right away that I would model my plugin after it.

I’ve just submitted this to the WordPress plugin directory, so I’ll wait until that gets accepted to put up a download link. If, for some reason, they deny the request, I’ll put up a download link here. If you want to check it out before that, drop me a line and I’ll send it over to you.




  • Update to enable random images
  • Add custom field for current set on publish with shortcode the set doesn’t have to be defined
  • Clear the float after every row to fix alignment problems
  • Add new options for default number of photos, columns, and type.
  • Add controls for the default small image size and large image size.
  • New option: smallimage. Valid Parameters are s for a small square, t for a thumbnail, m for the standard size. Default value: m
  • New option: bigimage. Valid Parameters are m for medium, b for large, o for the original size. Default value: o
  • Retired option: size no longer exists. Replaced by smallimage
  • Optimize exchange of options throughout the plugin
  • Add new classes for thumbnails to differentiate portrait, landscape, and square images
  • Fix bug that causes multiple sets to be included in the same prettyPhoto gallery


  • RGBA drop shadows to work on any background.
  • New option: size. Valid Paremters are s for a small square, t for a thumbnail, mfor the standard size. Default value: m.
  • New option: columns. Sets the number of columns displayed by the plugin. Default value: 3.
  • New function: fancyflickr(array('set' => 'setID', 'num' => 500, 'width' => 'm', 'columns' => '3')). Gets the photos in the same way as the shortcode. Set the parameters with an array. Default values: set = your lastest set, num = 500, width = m, columns = 3.
  • Fix an issue where Flickr wouldn’t send the URL to the large image


  • First version. Adds a fancyflickr gallery with the use of the [fancyflickr&#93shortcode.

[fancyflickr num=”6″]

Update: Instead of supporting users through the comments on my blog, I will now be supporting users through the WordPress forums here. This will be better for everyone as WordPress already has a great community here. This system is far superior to using comments for this sort of thing. I’m sorry to say, comments for this entry will be turned off.