Super Bowl Ads

USA Today’s Ad Meter site is hosted on VIP. It’s pretty cool to see peoples’ favorite ads in real time. It’s hard to go against any of the top 5, but my favorite was this Nissan ad.

P2 Theme

After trying to sort out the best way to facilitate asynchronous communication for a group project, I was reminded of P2. This talk by Pete Davies at WordCamp SF this past year tells a very compelling story about why you should use P2 on your project. You can use it for free on or download it to run on hosted WordPress. It took all of a few minutes to sign up for a free site and switch to the P2 theme. After that it was all work.

Webkit Animation Performance

Paul Irish explains when translate() is better than top/right/bottom/left. I think the most interesting part of this is how he uses the tools in Chrome to diagnose the problem.

Version Control Themes with Git

I really like being able to deploy my current theme to production from my local environment. I can test locally and then deploy to the live site when I’m ready.

Some people like to keep all of WordPress under version control. I don’t think that’s useful unless you’re a WordPress developer. You’re unnecessarily tracking changes to WordPress and your environment. I like to keep each theme and each plugin in it’s own repository. They’re separate projects so they should get separate repositories.

I constantly go back to this great tutorial when I have to set up a bare git repository on a production server.

Develop for WordPress Locally: Install WordPress

In this video I show how to grab the latest development build of WordPress from the subversion server with git-svn. Then we get a copy of the Developer plugin which shows us lots of other stuff we can do if we’re going to develop on WordPress.