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Tweet Posts

I deleted all my old Twitter archives the other day, which meant I was hardly using any of Twitter Tools1. Then, I launched the new version of joshbetz.com and I can do all kinds of fun stuff with post formats, but Twitter Tools still says “New blog post:” when I publish anything. So I threw together something that does exactly what I want and nothing that I don’t.

It’s not super customizable. There’s some logic to tweet a bit differently depending on what the post format is, but it’s all hard-coded. For a new quote, for example, it will say something like “New quote: http://wp.me/123456”.

One goal I have is to rewrite the Twitter OAuth API helper to use more of the WordPress HTTP functions instead of relying on cURL directly. I’m always happy to accept pull requests on GitHub. The plugin is also available in the WordPress.org repository.

  1. I would normally link to the plugin, but I see that it hasn’t been updated in over two years and you get a nice big yellow warning when you visit the page. 

JB Shortener

Almost two years ago I wrote about a new short URL system I started using on this blog. I’m finally releasing this in plugin form with a few additional improvements. WordPress has support for “short urls” built in and will even let you use the wp.me system if you have the Jetpack plugin installed. Instead of using wp.me, I like using my own custom domain. This plugin gives you an option to set the short domain that you’d like to use and includes the helper files to install on the short domain.

Charles Barkley on Twitter

It looks like Charles Barkley isn’t a fan of Twitter. He obviously doesn’t understand how it works yet and still thinks of it as the “I’m eating a ham sandwich” service. Here are his thoughts:

“I think if you Tweet you’re a [d***] idiot,” Barkley said. “Anyone who’s worried about what Shaquille O’Neal is doing all day is an idiot.”

via Dan Patrick.com.