WordPress used to have link management built into core. All the code is technically still there, but it’s been disabled by default for many years. You can re-enable it with the Link Manager plugin, which is where the code will theoretically move eventually. Included along with this link management code is an OPML generator.

I was recently reading about how has a blogroll feature that exposes the OPML at a .well-known path. Dave Winer has also been writing about blogroll discovery.

Blogrolls obviously aren’t new, but coming back to this idea seems important. Improving discovery for the distributed/social web seems important.

I wrote a quick WordPress plugin, to complement the Link Manager plugin, that adopts some of these new ideas. Namely:

  • Exposes the blogroll at /.well-known/recommendations.opml
  • Adds a link element with rel="blogroll" to the <head> section
  • Adds a source:blogroll to your RSS feed

My first concert “after” the Pandemic was Andrew McMahon and Zac Clark in October 2021. I remember being thrilled about doing something that felt normal again.

Zac Clark at The Rave in Milwaukee

Zac Clark has collaborated with McMahon on various tours and musical projects. His music often features introspective lyrics and melodic compositions, reflecting his influences from rock, folk, and pop genres. Both artists are celebrated for their ability to connect deeply with their audiences, making their performances together a memorable and impactful experience.

While you’re here, I recommend his album, Holy Shit.