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Laravel Tutorials

I’ve wanted to start learning MVC for quite some time now and have decided to learn Laravel at the same time. I already have experience with MVC on a few projects, but I’m still at the point where any practice helps.

This is a forum post on the Laravel site that lists some awesome tutorials on using Laravel. I’ve never used a PHP framework, but Laravel is awesome. I’ve read through the first few posts listed there and am really liking it so far.

As a somewhat obscure side note, this is what I wanted to build when I realized I wouldn’t finish Dsgn365 last summer. For an intro project I’m building to teach myself how to use Laravel, I added the Laravel Github repo as a remote and did a fetch to get the latest copy. Then I pushed to my own repo. Now I can build on top of the latest build of Laravel and when he releases a new version, I can rebase and keep everything up-to-date.

FancyFlickr Dev Help

So, as many people know, I started development on a plugin called FancyFlickr a little over a year ago. Development went well at first at first, but it started to get slow and my lack of programming skills started to show. I originally got the idea for the plugin from a video Chris Coyier did on his CSS-Tricks blog. The main idea of the original is powered by a bunch of cool CSS3 and a bit of jQuery. This all works quite well, but when I started trying to add features it turned into a bit of a mess. The plugin currently functions and works in pretty much every¬†environment¬†that I’ve tried. There are some server requirements, like cURL, but if these are met it works fine.

I’ve known for a while that the plugin needs help. At first a few people wrote me asking for help sorting out problems that had to do with loading the images from Flickr. Recently, it really hit me when I noticed that Fred, from Fredstuff.com stopped using the plugin in favor of something that loads quicker.

The first thing that I want to do is make it more¬†efficient,¬†as it currently slows page loads significantly. I’ve also got some big dreams for the future of the plugin involving “WordPress gallery” style photo pages for individual photos and galleries. Basically, the WordPress gallery, but powered by Flickr.


FancyFlickr Authentication

There have been a few people that have already let me know that FancyFlickr doesn’t work with hidden/private photos. Unfortunately the class that I’m using to power the plugin doesn’t have any way to authenticate. This isn’t a huge problem, as I’ve found other classes that do authenticate. The only problem is that the only one that I’ve found and like so far requires PHP5 and PEAR. Here I’d like to ask what the users of the plugin think. Should I continue on the current path — without authentication, or should I switch to a new class with these strict requirements. I’m have no idea how many shared hosting companies support PEAR, but it should be hard to find out if your hosting company does. I’d also like to hear from other developers to get their take on which route to take.


Addicted to Flickr

When I started working on FancyFlickr recently, I needed a PHP class to handle the flickr API. I quickly found that I didn’t like many of the classes that I found, for various reasons. I got lucky when I found Addicted to Flickr. The only problem with this one, was that he wrote the class over four years ago and there was some stuff that was quite outdated. The original URLs that it created were broken, which was the biggest problem for me. I rewrote it a little bit, at least so that part works now. So I’m putting it back out there for people to download if they want.

If you run into any problems let me know. If you rewrite any other parts of it, or write a new version, let me know. I’d love to have it for the fancyflickr plugin and to be able to link to it here.

Note: This is not FancyFlickr.